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The Applications Register is a subscription-based service offering access to a vast amount of information about hardware, software, IT and consultancy services used by UK local public service organisations, including local authorities, police and fire services, housing providers, and the whole of the third sector.
Subscribing to the register provides access to a wealth of information about your customers, prospects and competitors. It also allows you to find out what buyers think of your products and the way you support them

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25/07/2014: LIke to help Europe's Citadel on the Move project @citadel_eu test some innovative mobile apps for smarter cities? http://t.co/G8m2blH7Wv
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23/07/2014: Visit stand 25 at #CCSMediaExpo, Friday 1 August http://t.co/32wfqxDWMd and find out about our suppliers programme: http://t.co/HeKO2VXIAN
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18/07/2014: socNE Reg Mtg. Brian Lonsdale, NHS North of England Commissioning Support, explaining what NECS is and why he is at our Socitm regional mtg
18/07/2014: #socNE Regional Meeting. Diane Downey, Sunderland City Council, explaining how Sunderland went about procuring an Intelligence Hub.

Current data

  • 589 LA / other bodies
  • 70 partnerships
  • 2707 suppliers
  • 5058 products
  • 29640 applications used

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