We are sorry to announce that Socitm will no longer support the Applications Register beyond 31 December 2014.

We have taken this decision reluctantly. A small number of organisations have valued the service greatly and we thank them for their support. However, despite the concept of the service making a good deal of sense at a time when we should be sharing information more rather than less, we have struggled to maintain both the currency of the data and a good volume of activity. These are the key attributes necessary to keep the service attractive to its vital paying subscribers (who are all ICT suppliers) and others.

We suggest that you should take what updates/data you need from the Register before 31 December. If you require help to do so, please do not hesitate to contact us (natasha.ackerley@socitm.net).

Adrian Hancock
Chief Executive

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Current data

  • 590 LA / other bodies
  • 70 partnerships
  • 2710 suppliers
  • 5058 products
  • 29636 applications used

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