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The Applications Register is a subscription-based service offering access to a vast amount of information about hardware, software, IT and consultancy services used by UK local public service organisations, including local authorities, police and fire services, housing providers, and the whole of the third sector.
Subscribing to the register provides access to a wealth of information about your customers, prospects and competitors. It also allows you to find out what buyers think of your products and the way you support them

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30/10/2014: RT @StaffsCIO: Bravest thing you can do is stopping projects that don't deliver any value. #nlmoney
30/10/2014: Thanks to @danblundell for this one 'Accidental leadership' https://t.co/YhLkU9cHNX #toptalent #socitm #socitmtt
30/10/2014: New policy briefing launched at #socitm2014 by @socitmpresident: http://t.co/2xxIASVSIY #thoughtleadership
30/10/2014: Book for your local health & social care regional workshops coming up in Durham and Blackpool: http://t.co/JnO8eo3leF #adass #SocitmHSC
30/10/2014: Our Scottish Conference takes place next week. A few delegate places and exhibition spots still available: http://t.co/rL96JeG1fH #socscot14
30/10/2014: See the #socitm2014 presentation slides, speaker footage, photos and selected news coverage: http://t.co/kQP7vhBiKd
30/10/2014: New chair of MAC @martinjsadler , see what we did - what's not to like :) great meeting http://t.co/T8ASGNy59H
30/10/2014: RT @Innov_Platform: Socitm - Useful Link "EdinburghApps Final 2014" http://t.co/KXSYQ05nms @socitm #SocitmIP
29/10/2014: RT @Innov_Platform: Socitm - Useful Link "video:10 principles for digital transformation skills" http://t.co/HVyx8gsTdA @socitm #SocitmIP
29/10/2014: RT @KnowledgeKube: . @Socitm highlights the issues public sec websites are facing with poor software integration (via @PublicTech) http://t…

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  • 590 LA / other bodies
  • 70 partnerships
  • 2708 suppliers
  • 5058 products
  • 29646 applications used

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