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The Applications Register is a subscription-based service offering access to a vast amount of information about hardware, software, IT and consultancy services used by UK local public service organisations, including local authorities, police and fire services, housing providers, and the whole of the third sector.
Subscribing to the register provides access to a wealth of information about your customers, prospects and competitors. It also allows you to find out what buyers think of your products and the way you support them

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01/09/2014: @willperrin have emailed it to you - will check tomorrow why you've had a problem, sorry about that.
01/09/2014: @philjewitt you'll be aware of the section on engagement in Better connected? Covers social media, email and customer accounts
01/09/2014: @philjewitt Sorry we missed yr tweet. The Better connected team meets this month, will point them at yr post and get a response
01/09/2014: RT @Innov_Platform: Socitm - Useful Link "GDS unveils user research lab" http://t.co/MuiBgRtCFV @socitm #SocitmIP
01/09/2014: @KevinJump @Copley_Rich @gdsteam not sure enough known about US model yet...
01/09/2014: @PhilRumens @Copley_Rich @sarahlay @KevinJump Advisory plus practical, funded support for sharing.
01/09/2014: Why a well funded Local Government Digital Service is essential http://t.co/aKyMqFQhXE (FREE briefing) #localgov #localgovweb
01/09/2014: RT @TechnologyTrust: A well funded Local Government Digital Service is essential, according to @Socitm https://t.co/0zF15JBf74 #digitialinc…
01/09/2014: RT @Innov_Platform: Socitm -Useful Link "'Internet dating for local government' to aid collaboration between councils" http://t.co/muypXVN…
01/09/2014: Towards a #localgovdigital service? Thx to @amanda_derrick @likeaword @PlanningPortal for inputs http://t.co/aKyMqFQhXE

Current data

  • 589 LA / other bodies
  • 70 partnerships
  • 2707 suppliers
  • 5058 products
  • 29626 applications used

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