Benefits of the Applications Register

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About the Applications Register

The information on this website is provided by local authorities, police and fire services, housing providers, and third sector organisations. In return for updating their records regularly, these organisations gain free access to the information held.

Suppliers that subscribe to the service may add or amend information about their company, products and services.

The performance of products and services on the register is rated by the organisations that use them according to three criteria:
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Integration services

Suppliers are marked on:
  • Technical support
  • After-sales
  • Communication

Much of the information on the site is only available to subscribers who are logged in. You can see some screenshots from subscriber-only areas in our brochure.

Why subscribe?

If you supply IT products, services or consultancy to the local public sector, you will want to be sure that information on Socitm’s Applications Register is accurate and up to date.

The vast majority of buyers in local public services have free access to the Register, and use it to inform their shortlisting and buying decisions.

By logging on, they can find out about the performance of different products and suppliers, and how they compare with competitors. The Register makes it easy for them to find out which products are most used and best regarded by their peers.

As a supplier, subscribing to the Applications Register enables you to add or update information about your products, services, or company. Since September 2013, information uploaded by supplier subscribers is published immediately.

Having a subscription to the Register also provides a quick and cost-effective way to research competitors, their product range, market penetration and likely future growth.

In addition, the Register holds a wide range of information about customers and prospects, including what they are buying, who from, the size of their budgets and when products are due for renewal.

Whatever your position in the marketplace, subscribing to the Applications Register allows you to manage the presentation of your organisation and its products' to this important and dynamic marketplace.

Benefits for public service organisations

Public sector organisations that keep their own records updated, gain free access to all other information the Applications Register.

As well as checking out how well different products and suppliers perform, the register can help identify other organisations that might be interested in joint procurements, shared services and similar arrangements.

A further benefit is that by publishing information about products and services in use, and plans for replacing them, organisations can help reduce escalating numbers of Freedom of Information (Fol) requests being made by suppliers around these issues.

How to subscribe

Supplier organisations can subscribe at one of two levels:

Tier 1 - Subscribers can access information about buyers' product usage, satisfaction and renewal dates, as well as information about their ICT budgets and breakdown, IT staff employed, and membership of groups and partnerships. Access to the data also enables checking the accuracy of any information that customers have placed on the register about the organisation and its products. They can also link from their listing to their website and add a company logo, address, telephone and other contact details.

Tier 2 - Subscribers get all of the benefits listed above, as well as the opportunity to add to their listing - relevant links, case studies, descriptions of products not on the register and news feeds from the organisation's website

Tier 1
£795 per year
Tier 2
£1,295 per year

Subscribing at tier 1 or 2 entitles supplier organisations to submit changes and additions to information about their company, products and services on the Register.

Local public service and third sector organisations that provide corporate and product information to the register and keep it updated, can access the register free of charge.

Local public service and third sector organisations who want to access the register, but don't want to provide product information, can do so but there is a charge of up to £445 per annum, depending on status.

New users should contact or call the Socitm office (01604 497584) for a user name and password.

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